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We at believe in supporting the Equine Jewellery Artists from the experienced jewellery maker to supporting new aspiring artists of tomorrow.  A hub of knowledge and networking to support and provide a platform to excel in the equine market and beyond.

We will promote and take care of social media with new artist interviews and showcasing individual artist's works.


Using our own social media channels and that of the UAE'S LEADING equestrian magazine Network. The Show Hub

Come join the journey!!


What we're looking for

We are always looking to appoint those that are passionate and enthusiastic about the Equine Industry and that have a creative flair. 

All you need is passion and dedication we will do the rest.

Sharing knowledge and educating is a major part of our main brand Vincenzoluisa, we can also help the new generation of jewellers with advice on designing, casting, gemstones to holding the final design in your hand with a company that dates back to the 1850's and is fully modernized with the latest up to date jewellery technologies of our time, and with close connections to the Birmingham City University.

The Key Requirements to Become an Supplier:

  • You must be able to fulfil any orders that are achieved through the website.

  • Customer care is of vital importance to us

  • You must be able to accept the first order of a full complement of stock, and we ask that stockists maintain minimum levels of stock at all times. (unless the item is one of a kind)

  • High-resolution images will be required

  • All stock images will be cleared by the management of before the listing is allowed. 


Become a Supplier

Thanks for submitting!

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